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We rely on reservations being honoured by our customers, or adequate notice given of any changes. As such, the following terms apply to all reservations made with us though our site :

We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for group, party, charity events, special events, or any other bookings which are cancelled, or numbers reduced.


48 hours notice is required for change of numbers of group bookings, or on special event days.


​In the case of 'exclusive use' bookings, the agreed minimum charge is applied, and a per person charge for any extra gues


For normal bookings, a cancellation fee may be charged, at our discretion if the booking is not cancelled in time for us to resell the table (usually 24 hours). The cancellation fee is £50 per person. 


The cancellation fee will reflect any cost incurred by us in terms of staff, food or beverage booked or 
ordered specifically for your group or party, and any lost revenue as a result of turning other bookings away.

Credit/Debit Card details will be required to confirm your booking, and any cancellation fee will be charged to 
the nominated credit card in the event of a fee being applied.​

Cancellation Policy

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