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Introducing our Euro 2024 Sushi Set! As the supplier of sushi boxes to Aston Villa and Birmingham City for their post-game meals, we are excited to offer the same delicious and high-quality sushi to all of our customers. Whether you're a fan of football or just a lover of great food, our Euro 2024 Set is the perfect way to enjoy the matches with friends and family. Each set includes an assortment of fresh and expertly prepared sushi to satisfy all palates. Elevate your Euro 2024 viewing experience with our delectable sushi set that brings the excitement of the games right to your table. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to enjoy the same sushi that fuels some of your favorite football players!


Each set will contain the following:


  • Salmon Futomaki (Salmon, Avocado, Kanpyo, Tobico)
  • Spicy Salmon Roll (Salmon, Cucumber, Takuan, Spicy Mayo)
  • Spicy Tuna Roll (Tuna, Avocado, Kanpyo, Cucumber)
  • Prawn Roll (Cooked Prawns, Avocado, Kanpyo, Cucumber)
  • Salmon Tartare Roll (Finley cut Salmon, Avocado, Takuan, Seasame Seeds)


Please contact us for allergens or any questions. 


Available in a limited number, for collection or  delivery (in limited numbers). As this is already heavily discounted, the usual 20% discount on collection does not apply. 



Euro 2024 Set

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